What is an escort card?

If you've started planning your wedding reception, you've likely heard the term "escort card" and wondered what it is. 

What is its purpose? Is it like a place card? Do you need both? 

We're glad you asked! Here's our simple guide to help demystify it for you: 

What is an escort card?
An escort card basically escorts each guest to his or her table. The cards are displayed at the entrance to the reception area and feature the guest's name and table number. 

How is an escort card different from a place card? 
A place card marks the guest's exact place at the table. It will have the guest's name only - and maybe his or her food preference depending on your arrangements with your caterer. 

Simply put, the escort card directs the guest to the appropriate table and the place card points out their seat at that table. 

Do I need both? 
If you want each guest to have a predetermined seat at the table, you will need place cards. If you don't mind allowing your guests to choose their seat at their assigned table, you can forego place cards. 

If you plan to have assigned seating, you will need some way for guests to find their table. Having escort cards or a seating chart are the best options.  Escort cards can be replaced by a seating chart or vise-versa. Typically at a wedding reception you will see either a seating chart and place cards, or escort cards and no seating chart.  The seating chart makes a stunning decor piece, but escort cards make a great momento for your guests. You can't go wrong with either one!

Should I hire a calligrapher?
Your wedding reception will be such a memorable event and adding custom calligraphy wherever you can will make it even more special for you and your guests.  We recommend you hire a calligrapher and/or artist to create your custom escort cards and place cards. It adds a sophisticated and customized touch and really wows the guests. If you plan to hire a calligrapher or artist, we recommend you secure one at least 2 months before the big day to ensure a place in their schedule and leave time for them to be completed before the big day without rush charges. 

Any questions? Interested in securing Brush & Nib to create your custom escort cards, place cards or seating chart? Send us a message here

Happy planning!