our vision

 It has been said that without a vision people will perish. How much truer for artists! As artists, we aspire to paint our vision of what the world is and should be. Like other artists, we at Brush & Nib Studio have a vision too. This vision inspires and shapes everything we create and do. Because this artistic vision shapes the beautiful designs we create for you, you deserve to know about it. In fact, we want to be as upfront as possible with you our customers. We don’t want to hide our vision from you. We can’t hide it. 

An artist is not paid for his labor but for his vision. –– James McNeill Whistler

 Our vision is one of beauty. Perfect and true beauty. Beauty that comes only from God. We think the beauty around us – that beautiful poem, that captivating sunset, that majestic night sky, that enchanting melody – really just reflects a higher, greater beauty. It reflects God. For God is the ultimate source and meaning of true beauty. In this sense, our vision – our definition of beauty, our artistic inspiration – is God. Who He is. What He’s done.

The true work of art is but a shadow of the divine perfection. –– Michelangelo

This vision enchants our hearts, enlarges our imaginations, and energizes our art. We take this vision of the beautiful and infuse it into everything we create. But our vision not only impacts everything we do. It impacts what we can’t do. We can’t be authentic artists or create high quality art if our art compromises what we believe or who we are. So please know that Brush & Nib Studio won’t create any artwork that violates our vision as defined by our religious and artistic beliefs and identity.

Every artist dips his brush in his own soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures. –– Henry Ward Beecher

For example, Brush & Nib Studio won’t create any custom artwork that demeans others, endorses racism, incites violence, contradicts our Christian faith, or promotes any marriage except marriage between one man and one woman. That means Brush & Nib Studio won’t create any custom art that conveys a message celebrating a same-sex wedding.

We understand if you disagree with some of our beliefs. We support your right to disagree! Some may, for instance, disagree with our beliefs about marriage. We believe that God created marriage as a life-long union exclusively for one man and one woman. Only this marriage reflects Jesus’ love for His bride, the Church. No other type of marriage reflects this, same-sex marriage included. We can’t promote a marriage that God says isn’t really marriage. Or take gender equality. We believe that God created both men and women equally in His image. So we can’t promote businesses that exploit women or sexually objectify the female body to sell goods. Or take the environment. We believe that God created the world and entrusted humans to care for it. So we can’t create art that promotes businesses that exploit the environment. But even if our beliefs are a bit different or unpopular, we have to stick to them – to be true to ourselves, to be true to our art, to be true to our God.

Every good painter paints what he is. –– Jackson Pollock

We hope you understand. We hope you can appreciate our openness. We hope you can accept our artistic freedom. We hope you can acknowledge our sacrifice of profit for principle. Most of all, we hope you can see that our freedom ensures that we the artist and you the customer get the best we’ve got – authentic artwork that echoes our vision of true beauty.

If you want to learn more about our vision – how it relates beauty, marriage, and the world – click here. Otherwise, we hope you stick around and catch a glimpse of the artistic vision you’ve been looking for.