Ever wonder what goes into creating a custom hand-painted, hand-lettered wedding invitation or other design?  To find out what that process looks like, keep reading!  - Breanna + Joanna

#1: Hello! 

It all starts with the first hello.  We can't wait to meet you and hear all about the wedding, milestone or occasion that is coming up in your life.  Reach out to us by dropping us a note, and we'll get back to you right away and start the conversation.  

#2: The Details

You'll tell us about your event, your vision and your inspirations, and we'll tell you how we can make your stationery dreams come true.  We'll show you paper and colors, calligraphy styles and painting ideas. We'll  also put together a custom quote so you have all the information you'll need about pricing and timing.  We hope we'll be the perfect fit for you.  

#3: Let's Work Together

So we're a perfect fit to work together!  Now we just need to make it official.  At this stage, you'll approve the custom quote and secure our services by signing  our client contract.  In this contract, we'll nail down the final details of materials, quantity and timing plus all the nuts and bolts of design rights and exactly what you can expect to receive from us.  You'll also pay a 50% deposit upfront to allow us to make the necessary investments to complete your project.  

#4: Collaboration

Now that we've completed all the formalities and you've secured us to create your custom design (we're so thrilled and honored, by the way!), we can get out our brush and nib and get to work.  First, we'll schedule a consultation over coffee (or Skype) and start sketching out ideas.  

#5: Choices, Choices, Choices...

We'll present you with three rough design proofs.  You can choose your favorite (yes, you can only choose one...!) , and then we'll schedule another consultation to discuss the design before we begin work on your final masterpiece.  Your feedback will be important to us, so speak up!  We want our design to blow you away.

#6: Completing the Masterpiece

This is the stage where we bury ourselves in our studio and get busy creating your final masterpiece.  If you peak in on us during this stage, you'll see inky fingers, messy hair and happy faces.  This is our favorite part!  We are totally invested in your vision and it thrills us to see it come to life.  We can't believe this is our job!  

#7: The Unveiling

Its the moment we've been waiting for.  Time to show you the finished product.  Through our online gallery, you'll be able to view it and let us know what you think.  When we have your final approval, we'll get to work getting the design in your hands.  There is nothing like receiving a set of beautifully printed invitations with matching envelopes in a pretty box.   Seeing your vision become a reality is a special moment and we feel so blessed to be the ones to make it happen!